DnD, will you fight or flee?


Are we supposed to run and fight another day or to stand our ground and fight? In the chaos of the campaign and DM’s playful attitude to mess with us, would it be wise to retreat to save up our forces for another day? Well, unless the objective is crucial and a matter of life or death, it’s not worth risking neither our supplies nor our lives for our ego.

There are some essential factors that will ensure success in our skirmish.

• Firstly, risk and reward ratio is what matters. Is the objective worth the risk? What are we risking? Supplies, spells, lives?

• Secondly, what are we trying to achieve by fighting the enemies head-on? Perhaps we can follow a more stealthy and evasive approach that can surprise the enemies and throw them into disorder.

• Thirdly, are you willing to die for your teammates? If by any chance we Judge that the situation is not favourable towards our side, we must consider the possibility of keeping our distance, thus even if things go ill we will be safe against defeat

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